onsdag 28 november 2012

DreamHack Winter 2012

Photos from the event




 LAN-Party area



 The casters

 A wild 2GD appears with refreshments!

And there was much rejoicing.

 ...even more rejoicing.



Casters are pleased.

 Norwegian broadcasting interviewing Incontrol and Apollo for a documentary about Esports.

AcerNerchio playing on main stage.

 Liquid'TaeJa waiting for the booth to be ready.

 A little makeup is needed for the cameras!

 Liquid'HerO setup in players area.

 Some new and some old TL'ers show up for support during TaeJa's game.

 Liquid'HerO warming up playing Zerg on the ladder.
(Crushing face in Diamond league in that photo)

Liquid'TLO and the retired Liquid'Jinro

 Liquid'TaeJa playing ThorZaIN in the quarterfinals.





 Liquid'Ret right after losing his first game against MillForGG.

 Mionix.NaNiwa watching a game from the sidelines.

 Mionix.NaNiwa discussing a game with Alternate.Socke


 GL.Snute's girlfriend giving him a rewarding hug for his win against RoX.fraer

 EGThorZaIN chatting it up between games.


 Bitterdam, the casting duo.



 Adebisi dropping by the casters during one of the breaks.





Miniox.NaNiwa playing against MillFeast in the round of 12.

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